Word Twist

Word Twist 1.0

Reveal the key phrase by finding words in a letter matrix
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Identify words written horizontally, vertically, diagonally or reversed in the matrix of jumbled letters, link them together and reveal the key phrase to move on to the next level.

Word Twist is a hidden phrase game aimed at identifying words that signify popular cities, animals, musicians etc. The objective of the game is linking the words to reveal the phrase. The complexity and challenge of the game is the words also have to be built using letters. The word built or linked leads to identification of the first letter occurrence in the phrase. The game is organized in categories making it interesting to people with isolated knowledge in specific topics. The topic covered is recognizable in the category. The categories covered are famous in legends, quotes, artist, actors, songs, geography and the likes. The software has 2 play modes large and small but in no way related to the size or challenge – play in these modes emulate 2 different games.
Word Twist supports more than 1000 phrases categorized under 14 popular categories. The interface is simple and easy for a beginner to play the game. The game poses no time challenges to solve at rapid pace. Demo version comes with a time limit for play and is intended to be a trial version. Full version provides benefit of unlimited time and updates and support. It is also packaged with a 60 day money back guarantee. Future versions and unlimited downloads of the game are the other benefits added for full version.

Manoj Goel
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  • More than 1000 popular phrases under 14 categories
  • Combination of word building and phrase building
  • Large and small modes of play
  • No timer


  • Not a Freeware
  • Does not support Windows OS before Windows 2000
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